Glass Bottle Red Bull

So one of my favorite things to do internationally is to try out all their energy drinks… Unfortunately I can’t do that currently even though I’m spending time in Ireland.

Luckily while sadly looking at the special red bulls I got to legally enjoy a beer, so that works.


Beating the alarm

Last night I went to sleep at a pretty normal time, but this morning I woke up over an hour before my alarm – and I didn’t feel like death

I didn’t have anything to do, so I ended up going back to sleep, after which I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm and was up for good!

Hopefully this is an indication that I’m starting to get more restful sleep, which is one of my main goals


Day 2

Energy levels are pretty good, had a crash at work for about an hour – but it cleared up


I felt more awake and energetic when I left work today then I have in a while – it was shorted lived due to the commute home, but still a good sign

Knees are sore – cause most likely not caffeine withdrawal

Have weird times when I feel like I’m amp’d up on caffeine, brain racing, elevated heart rate, right around the time I usually have my second


All in all so far so good



Morning 2

This morning is a little harder so far – my brain doesn’t want to wake up – it feels clouded. This isn’t unusual, but usually on these days I have my morning red bull on the way to work to clear out the fog. Breakfast and music are going to have to do the job instead.


On the bright side, yesterday went better than it could have. I seemed to bounce from wide awake to falling asleep pretty randomly – but overall my energy levels were tolerable. Work was boring and slow, so I can’t imagine that helped

I had headaches twice during the day, the first time at 1ish and the second in the evening. Nothing Tylenol couldn’t take care of


I don’t feel particularly better, save the direct jittery feelings that the caffeine causes


Cheerios and TV

Knowing that I won’t have an artificial boost at work, I traded my usual pop tart and red bull breakfast for a bowl of cheerios. I also traded my sleep after my alarm for some Always Sunny. So far so good


So it begins…


No caffeine, starting tomorrow, until Christmas break. Period. Cold Turkey


I’ve been solidly addicted to caffeine for what is now the better part of 5 years. It’s ranged from a red bull a week, to 2 or 3 a day. The most common and current intake levels sit around 150mg per day, half early morning and half after lunch. I realize this isn’t an exorbitant amount to a lot of people – but at the moment, it’s pretty much my limit. I’ve always been somewhat sensitive to caffeine, but after my first stint off my tolerance never really came back. The reason I quit the first time is that I was hospitalized for 7 hours because my heart rate was in the 120-140/bpm range the entire time. Supposedly it was a panic attack triggered by a monster I had that morning. Either way, I didn’t touch caffeine for months after, I starting taking Paxil for anxiety and panic disorder and everything seemed to settle out.

However once they did, the lethargy that Paxil causes hit, hard. I started craving caffeine and felt like I needed it to keep up with my insane workload at the end of last semester. So I started with a coke at lunch and built my way back up to red bull. By the time summer hit I was back to two a day at work. On a side note, I’m taking half the dose of Paxil that I was originally, and the side effects seem to be minimal now.

The last important bit of information is that I’ve had stomach problems my entire life, and they started to clear up with I kicked caffeine and soda – they didn’t come back until months after I started drinking caffeine again.


I’m at a point where anymore caffeine would put me other the edge and make me feel like absolute shit. In fact some days it already gets there. My stomach problems have completely regressed to one of the worst states they’ve been in in a while. My anxiety is getting worse. I’m having trouble getting motivated. Focusing is hard. I’m still exhausted most of the time. My brain sometimes feels like it’s going so fast it can’t even do it’s job – like it’s just wasting energy and cycles. My sleep sucks even when I get enough. My acne is the worst it‘s been in years.

I read today that caffeine essentially works by causing the same chemical reaction that occurs when you’re stressed, to allow you to get work done. I have enough stress.

Point is - something’s gotta give. This is where I’m starting


So here’s the game plan. I had a sobe energy drink at 1 o’clock today. By the morning I should have only trace amounts of caffeine in my system. I’m not going to even reevaluate until Christmas. In the mean time I’m going to document how I feel here. I’m going to try new things to get my energy levels up, starting with working out regularly when I get back to school and also noting how that makes me feel.
The goal for myself is to have a comprehensive set of notes at the end so that I can make an informed decision for myself. If anyone else finds it interesting, cool beans

Tomorrow’s going to be hell